Can You Sue A Doctor For Not Diagnosing

Can You Sue A Doctor For Not Diagnosing

Can You Sue A Doctor For Not Diagnosing

Ear wax removal by Dr. Gawayne is done with both irrigation and curettage. Most of our ear wax removal videos feature Dr. Mark as the master of cerumen extrusion, but Dr. Gawayne wanted to show his mad skills in this exclusive event never before captured for YouTube viewing. Be sure to comment to let us know what you think about the differences between the techniques of ear wax cleaning between the two doctors Vaughan.

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31 Replies to “Can You Sue A Doctor For Not Diagnosing”

  1. I wish there was a lavage system that wasn't so noisy for the patient. They seem to be in some discomfort during the entire process.
    I do enjoy the videos, however, and both Drs. Gawayne and Mark have caring manners and good senses of humour. Dr. Mark, obviously has more experience; therefore seems a little more at ease, but Dr. Gawayne still seems like a super guy and someone I would be comfortable having as my doctor.

  2. Dr Gawayne, you're a sweetheart but your skills are not mad just yet, sorry but that's okay, you'll get there eventually, lol. I saw whoever had the camera push you aside several times and I thought that was funny. The patient was kinda sweet but seems like one of those people who are kind delicate??? No offense! Btw, don't forget to use warm water next time! Ha ha ha. Thanks for the video!

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