Business Tips: There's No Such Thing As Social Media

Business Tips: There's No Such Thing As Social Media

Awesome Tip: There's No Such Thing As Social Media

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24 Replies to “Business Tips: There's No Such Thing As Social Media”

  1. Social media the term was started for a reason.
    It gives people the idea it's theirs, empowers them. This keeps people distracted, addicted and more willing to unknowingly give up as much info on yourself as possible.
    And that data is collected and sold to help company's target their advertising accordingly.
    That's what it$ all about

  2. Have to agree 😀 according to any legitimate source, the history of social media goes all the way back to Compuserve lol so we must conclude that saying "social media" is just another way to talk about the internet in it's current social context! Thank you for this mercifully blunt clarification!

  3. Cool location, and fun sense of recording on the fly.You continually do a great job of looking like this is all just 'off the cuff', and therefore very real. Amazing how this does make it easier to listen to the ideas and suspend judgement to listen to the whole idea and evaluate the ideas on their merits rather then fighting the monkey mind.

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  5. There's not such thing as the internet, just a bunch of people with communication devices that could have just as easily been a complex system of strings with cups on the end rather than the PC's and Macs we have. Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  6. Great stuff Gary!! I'm definitely NOT betting against the internet in 2012!! By the way, I loved your interview with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish on the I Love Marketing podcast. Amazing insight you have there sir! Thanks for sharing your passion with us!!

  7. Thank you so much for saying this! Social Media is really about people connecting with each other. The internet itself has just gotten better at helping people connect. I can guarantee at some point in history some business guy asked "What's the ROI of this Telephone thing?" it's the same idea.

  8. i always thought social media was specifically facebook, myspace and twitter type sites. it seems that the definition has broadened a little, but initially that was it. These day's any site where people have profiles and are able to communicate with other users, falls under the Social Media umbrella. Web 2.0 I thought was used to describe sites with new age design and technology, and not so much just describing the internet as a whole.

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