Business Tips: Reverse the 1,2.3's Employees First, STOP HUNTING!

Business Tips: Reverse the 1,2.3's Employees First, STOP HUNTING!

Awesome Tip: Reverse the 1,2.3's Employees First, STOP HUNTING!

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33 Replies to “Business Tips: Reverse the 1,2.3's Employees First, STOP HUNTING!”

  1. Companies would be so much more successful if they followed this way of doing business. The standard model for many large companies is to squeeze the employees until they are beyond dry and burn out which leads to minimal effort to improve the business or work together with colleagues.

  2. Agree entirely. However … the general businesses out there do not care about their employees. They see them as you observed … an necessary evil that costs money and requires expertise (the ability to manage them) that is often times misunderstood or given very little attention. As evidence, look at most companies training programs. Nine out of ten of them use an in the trenches model, with no real educational/career path. How good is the training program? How do employees receive feedback?

  3. Well…I LOVE this. I agree with it. I think it is hard to do when you are a manager, not an owner, but easier when the owner who you work for is always willing to listen, and more importantly…HEAR new ideas. Thanks, yet again… Gary V.

  4. Love it! In the social economy, nothing sells better than passionate employees who love their job so much that they talk and share about it with their networks.

  5. Great clip Gary! The only thing I’d like to mention is that you cannot “force them [employees] to play with each other.” You have to bring them together naturally, the change has to come from within and that can be done only by naturally fostering an integral organizational culture.


  6. Great stuff Gary – Had a conversation today and I took the wrong position on this issue. I appreciate this video; it's very timely.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. yes i don't go for that, where i am at it seems laziness is rewarded and hard work seems to be bad. I am searching for something better where skills will be utilized well not only for myself but for the company.

  8. And this is the reason why so many of the larger agencies today are getting their clocks cleaned by smaller more innovative and cohesive shops….#one50one

  9. Nothing significant can be achieved in business without everyone working for each other in the same direction with the same goals. "People Businesses" are far more powerful than "Systems Businesses" which are less personal ("computer says no"). People are the most powerful tool at your disposal in any business. Nothing worse than an existing loyal customer being made to feel inferior by a company focusing on and rewarding new customers. Gary its no wonder you have so much success, you don't stop

  10. Gary, this is so incredibly insightful. The power of this is amazing insight is so powerful, if only companies would grasp this. I work for a Fortune 50 Company, and they are stuck in the old mode, alienating employees and only working to satisfy consumers and stockholders. But you're talking about true magic here. Creating amazing synergy. Thank you so much for this!

  11. Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with your employees. They are truly a group of people that enjoy their work, want to do the best job and have fun doing it. As a vendor, I have seen employees that are not satisfied with the job. The folks at VaynerMedia are all ways upbeat, so Gary, you are doing something right! Your customers must be happy and they tell their friends. With that your business benefits, I believe you have the right idea by focusing on the employees

  12. Employee engagement is so powerful and easy to do as Gary says with focus on EE's. That culture drives creativity, performance, and dedication. I advise CEO's everyday to focus on employee's and a culture that reenforces- wish more CEO's thought like Gary!

  13. I agree with the fact that there is too much focus on new customers vs current customers, but if you focus too much on your employees you might end up with no customers, and then what?

  14. Gary, I'm going to be honest: I don't even work for you, and I agree 110%. Keep on keepin' on! The last time I checked up on your company, you had 100 employees. Congrats on the growth! It's definitely something for Inc. to watch out for if they haven't noticed already. Cheers!

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