Business Tips: Hustle Five Years Ago Versus Hustle Now

Business Tips: Hustle Five Years Ago Versus Hustle Now

Awesome Tip: Hustle Five Years Ago Versus Hustle Now

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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10 Replies to “Business Tips: Hustle Five Years Ago Versus Hustle Now”

  1. Hi Gary,
    I'm a Lyft driver and as I drive around in San Francisco, I ask my current passenger to leave my next passenger a message. I took these messages and published them in a book called 'Lyft Me Up San Francisco'. I want to work with Veyner Media to build a YouTube show around driving/ride share economy. If this captures your imagination, hit me up and I'll share more details with you.
    Also, I respect your tenacity.

  2. It often sounds like hustling is about tweeting and stuff Gary!
    That's probably the part that most of us focus too much on, like those app starters who follow everyone on twitter to be followed back, hoping that down the path they'll build a true audience like that…

  3. Love the video…been a minute since I've commented so I'll ask a question:

    What's your favorite workout that your trainer has you do? Or do you have a favorite specific exercise?

  4. I look foward to gaining more experience the further I get along in this. I do think that 25 through 30 can hustle alot more today just because we optimize our time more because technology allows for it.

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